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Why Advance Wildlife Education?​

Che Frausto, founder of AWE, says it best!

“It is the mission of Advance Wildlife Education to promote endangered wildlife outreach and information. AWE provides educational products and clothing to the community in order to increase environmental awareness and support while backing local conservation organizations. Their scientific backgrounds, passion, and professional staff will help to inspire and advance our customers knowledge of the natural world through beautiful works of art and information. I started Advance Wildlife Education (AWE) in May 2016 after an outreach event at a seabird colony on Maui, people saw the burrows in the ground and thought they were made by rats and mongoose. They were very surprised once they found out the holes were actually dug by native seabirds. After learning more about the species, the group was very supportive and wanted to spread the word and help protect the colony. I realized that people want to help but they cannot protect what they do not know exists. Recognizing this need for wildlife education in order to get public support, as well as additional funding for these nonprofits that are struggling so much financially, I created Advance Wildlife Education. I combined my passions for wildlife and art in order to form a bridge between the community and the biologists, to educate through creative and beautiful educational coloring books, attire, artwork, and jewelry.

Hawaiʻi is the extinction capital of the world – here we have more endangered species per square mile than anywhere else in the world.

Thank you so much for supporting native Hawaiian species and the people who are determined to protect them! You are helping invest in a brighter tomorrow for these endangered animals.”

-Che Frausto

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